Wedding store in Victoria, B.C

Make an Appointment

When shopping for you wedding dress we recommend taking your time. Making a private appointment will ensure that you have ample time to consult with your stylist.

Bridal Store Victoria, B.C

F.A.Q and Arrival

How many people should I bring with me you might ask?

-We usually recommend 2 or 3 people. Too many people in the room can often make it hard for you to decide on your dream dress. Keep your circle small and intimate.

How long do appointments last? 

Appointments typically last an hour and a half. This gives you plenty of time to try on dresses and truly feel them on you. We give you different options and this time frame makes it so that you aren't rushed. If at the end you feel like you need to put the dress on hold, we can do that too!

Wedding Store Victoria, B.C

Bubbly and Consultation

Enjoy some bubbly with your guests and peruse our boutique at your own pace. Select your dress in the comfort of  our private fitting rooms - located in our salon mezzanine.

At Tres Chic Bridal, we provide all of our brides with a complimentary consultation before the dress search begins! We love to get to know you and explore your ideas as well as learn about your vision.

Please bring any inspiration images or any questions and concerns you may have with you to your appointment. We are happy to help!

Bridal Boutique Victoria, B.C



Selecting Dresses

Keep an open mind. Try on every style. Who knows, you might surprise yourself and your dress might surprise you too!

Wedding Store Victoria, B.C

Taking your Dress Home

We provide all of our brides with a signature garment bag and complimentary steaming for when they come to take their wedding gown home! 

We congratulate you on your big day!