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One of the best secrets we have to share about weddings and wedding planning focuses around the bride. Everyday we see brides nervous about their upcoming wedding; with so many details and projects on the go, it's hard not to make yourself a priority as well. The best advice we can give any bride is to simply enjoy the ride!

Don't rush your way through a cake tasting just so you can rush to the gym! Planning a wedding is all about balance. We would never want any of our brides to feel like they missed out on a one-of-a-kind experience that wedding planning has to offer. Don't put too much pressure on yourself to "loose that last 10 pounds" or "drop a few sizes”. Remember that a wedding dress compliments you and will highlight your beautiful figure.

You are a beautiful, strong and stunning woman who is about to step out on an amazing journey with a partner that wants you in their life. Planning the celebration of your union should be full of joy and amazement. So go ahead and sample those appetizers and make sure you don't cut corners on enjoying your stagette.

If you do choose to make a lifestyle change, ensure that it’s a positive change to your lifestyle with the added benefit of better health. Never forget, it will be your glowing smile and gushing love that light up the room.



You are a beautiful, strong, stunning woman.

Photo By:   Deanna McCollum

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