Lis Simon

Our featured designer for this month is Lis Simon, Tres Chic Bridal's most popular designer, based out of Calgary.  Anna brings a fresh, modern edge to classic cuts and styles. All of her dresses are fabulously detailed with stunning eye catching features, from beautiful delicate lace to perfectly placed satin buttons, Lis Simons dresses are always sure to please.  Each dress is made to order, and carefully crafted using only the highest quality materials.

 How did you come up wit the name Lis Simon?

My siblings were a lot older than me growing up,  so as a 5 year old I use to just play with my stuffed toys in my parents basement alone.  The “wedding” game was a big thing and I would have two imaginary friends that would be at my wedding. (It was a pretty fantastic wedding.  Cake for dinner all the time.)

 So when creating the collection,  I wanted to dedicate the name to where it all began by calling the line after my imaginary friends,  Lis and Simon.  Doing so brought them to life and reminds me everyday that aspirations can start any age.    

What was the starting point of inspiration for your work?

That’s a really good question.  I get a lot of inspiration from my surroundings but in the end I try to imagine who the Lis Simon bride is.  To me the Lis Simon bride is independent, loves to travel and be outdoors,  loves fashion but doesn’t want to be flashy about it, and she has an understated elegance that can silence a room.  

For me that’s where my inspiration comes from mostly, it’s the bride herself.  

What are some of your favourite materials to work with?

I  love tulle!  Chantilly lace is something that I think we can do a lot of great stuff with.  Appliqués, appliqués, appliqués.  All our appliqués are hand stitched on to each dress,  I’ve been a fan of lace appliqués for so long because it’s very versatile and can change the look of each dress so easily. 

How long have you’ve been designing gowns and what did you do before you became a wedding dress designer?

I’ve been designing for about 6 years, basically since I started this business.  Before than, I graduated from university with a degree in economics and worked at various places trying to figure out what I really wanted to do. 

What are your top 3 favourite dress designs of all time? 

The “Anna” gown from my very first collection was that dress that probably represented my own personal aesthetics the most (not because it was named after me,  though it did very well). Erin and Gia are also my top favs! 



Be sure to have a peek at a few of the featured styles and don't hesitate to call us to book an appointment to try on some of these stunning beauties while we have the Lis Simon trunk show in store!

Looking forward to seeing you.

Joan Cabigas

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