Finding the Right Veil

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You've picked the dress, a sash, maybe even shoes. Now comes one of the most important and classic bridal accessories to choose: the veil. Veils are a very traditional part of the brides total look, though more modern styles are gaining popularity. Veils can make the difference between wearing a wedding gown and becoming a bride. If you choose to go with a veil, here are a few tips on finding "the one". To begin, we will define some of the more popular styles.

Choosing the style


A Blusher style veil is what most think of when they say veil. It is a classic style that covers your face before the classic "You may now kiss." If this is an important moment for you- find a blusher veil that is long enough to sweep back over your head so you're beaming face can emerge as a married woman.


If you're looking for something funky, vintage, or unique, consider this retro style. With netting just covering the top half of your face, this style is sure to leave your guests speechless. Easily accessorized with a wispy feather, vintage broach, or classy clip, this look is classy and chic.

Elbow / Fingertip

One of the most popular looks is the fingertip/ elbow style. These are pretty self explanatory as the elbow hits mid arm, and fingertip extends just past your arm. You can go with a simple unfinished tulle or jazz it up with lace edging, bedazzlement, or beading. You can not go wrong in picking this style, as it goes with every silhouette and can be worn indoors or out.

Chapel / Cathedral

A royal name for a royal style. The chapel style just grazes the floor, perfect for an indoor wedding, while the cathedral trails behind you, for a wedding look fit for a princess. Both styles pair beautifully with a trumpet style or A- line. It can also take a ballgown to the next level for an overall look of glamour and charm.


Veils don't have to be plain tulle (though nothing wrong with the classic!) . They can have exciting details that add to the overall look.

Lovely Lace

Lace is a beautiful addition and can come in a range of patterns and textures. A simple edge, or stunning appliques throughout, we can all agree lace is the essence of romance.

Beautiful Beads

Beading is also popular for an extra zing of glam. Beading can be in a variety of colours as well. Crystal beads placed sporadically creates an alluring finish. Also, having pearls atop the nape, where the veil is placed, is a magical look fit for all brides.

Lavish Layers

If your dress craves an extra bit of oomph, you'll find it with a billowy, layered veil. Any length can look great with extra layers of poof. If your silhouette is sleek like a sheath or trumpet, pairing it with a thicker veil is the recipe for success.


The most important thing to consider when purchasing a veil is how the colour matches your dress. That's why we recommend wearing your dress while trying on veils. It is okay to go a shade lighter, but try not to go darker than your dress. Once the veil is on your head and your dress is on your frame, you'll know when it's the right fit just by looking in the mirror.

To Wrap it Up

There are many aspects to consider when finding the perfect veil. Rest assured, even if you aren't sure, when you come into our store we will help you find the veil of your dreams. While this post can give you the right idea, just like your gown, you won't know for sure until it's on. Bonus points if someone around you starts crying!

-Lexi Redman


Photo Credit:

Blush Veil,: Left - Lily Anne Photography Right- Landon Sveinson

Birdcage: David Tutera for Mon Cheri

Elbow/ Fingertip: David Tutera for Mon Cheri

Chapel: Eva, Real Bride by Lis Simon

Cathedral and Bead: Rita Steenssen Photography

Lace and Main photo: Lily Anne Photography

Layer: Lis Simon