How to "Make-up" your mind.

Some very brave brides decide to forgo a makeup artist. However, if you are inexperienced, nervous about asking a friend to do it, or just think you need that extra help to have a flawless wedding look, then going for a professional is a great decision. We've compiled some great tips and tricks to help you pick your artist for the big day.

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1. Start your search early

Good makeup artist are usually busy, so you want to search early enough that you have time to book them for your day.

2. Know what look you want

Check out Pinterest boards and magazines to find what look inspires you. Ask yourself if you want hair and makeup to be the same artist, if necessary. Choose a look you're comfortable with, and that will go with your dress and theme. When showing a potential artist your ideas, they will be able to customize it to best suit your features.

Photos courtesy of Lilly Ann, Rita Steenssen, and Summer Rayne

3. Ask around for referrals

The best place to begin searching is by word of mouth. Ask friends and family who have used a makeup artist their opinion and if they would recommend them.

4. Search the Internet or FB

If a recommendation isn't on your horizon, then utilize a search engine. Facebook is also a great tool because some artists might not have websites.

5. Check out their portfolio and testimonials

Make sure the artist you hire has a style you like. See if they've done looks that are similar to what you want, so you know they can understand your vision. It's also important to read their feedback and make sure they have good reviews.

Photos courtesy of Rita Steenssen, Lilly Ann, and Kim Kalyn

6. Pick a few favourites and call them

You want to be able to put a personality to a face. Make sure you have chemistry and that they are professional over the phone.

Questions to Ask when you call:

  • If they're available for the wedding, and if they have any other commitments on the day.
  • Where they are located. Will they be able to come to you or do you need to meet them at a salon?
  • What's their price point. Will they fit into your budget? Are there extra day-of charges?
  • What's their experience. Have the done weddings before? Do they know your skin type?
  • Do they offer discounts for referrals, if that's the case?
  • What happens if they are ill on the day of?
  • And finally: Will they do a trial run?

7. Do a Trial Run

Before you book, it's a good idea to do a trial run. Ask beforehand what you should bring (veil, hair clip, etc.) A trial is especially important if you don't exactly know what look you want. Make sure the artist does everything they can to make it perfect. This is also a good opportunity to ask any other questions you can think of about the wedding. If you don't like what they did in the trial, do not book them. However, if you love the makeup, they are easy to get along with, and you are confident in their abilities, then they are the right one for you.

8. Pick and Book

If all of the above points have been carefully considered and you have found the right makeup artist, then book! Do not wait because they are probably in high demand and you don't want to risk them getting booked up.

Photo by Spark & Whimsy

In closing

Picking a makeup artist is no easy task, but as long as you give yourself time to really delve into this new world, you will be able to find a match made in heaven! Thank you for reading, and good luck on your search.