After the Wedding

You got hitched, tied the knot, said "I-Do" . Now what?

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First things first: take a deep breath

You've just celebrated one of the biggest milestones in your life, just relax for a few days and enjoy being married. After that...

clean your dress

Have your dress cleaned, and professionally! Nothing is worse than looking at your dress later and seeing stains that have now set.

review your vendors

Take the time to write reviews while your memories are fresh. Be honest, share lots of details to help out the next bride.

write thank you notes

Your hands may hate you, but your guests will appreciate it. Since it's such a big task, try to start early so you don't put it off.

if you want, change your name

Here is some information from the Province of British Columbia all about that.

sell/ return decor

The last thing you want is to have 50 centerpieces cluttering up space in your place. So get rid of them! See if you can return some, but for the rest you can sell them. There are some facebook groups for selling wedding related items, but you can also use sites like or craigslist.

order your wedding album

It may take several weeks to receive your album, so order sooner rather than later.

deal with finances

Perhaps you've lived together for years and it's no big deal, however if not, read this article. There are many options for joining finances to carefully consider. Another important note is to take care of legal things like beneficiaries and wills.

always try to be better

The first year of marriage can be tough. It's a whole new world and that can seem scary, but don't give up. Constantly work together and try to be better as a couple. Here are some tips.

While there are things to tackle right off the bat, don't forget the reason why you're both here. Enjoy the beginning of your new life, and cherish the little things that brought you together in the first place.