All you need to know about NY Bridal Fashion Week

When we say "carefully curated", we really mean it. 

Every year, our team heads down to New York to scout the latest and greatest from designers all over the world. This is a time to meet with designers, discover trends, and pick out dresses for the store.

Wedding Dress Victoria, B.C

If you try on a dress in our store, you can guarantee it came straight from the New York Runway. 

Going to fashion week every year means

  • We can build a relationship directly with the designers.

  • We see every dress on a live model, and so we are able to pick what works best for real brides.

  • We get to see a display of emerging trends, and can tailor our collections to reflect that.

our trend predictions

Plunging Neckline's

Different hue's

Off-the Shoulder

so how do we chose?

  • One of the first considerations is price range. We don't want our brides falling in love with a dress, only to find out it costs more than their car. We like to stick in the $1200-$2000 range.

  • We see every dress on a live model, and so we are able to pick what will work best for real brides. If a dress looks great in a size 2 and only a size 2, that won't work for us.

  • Before we attend, we research the latest trends and forecasts. Being one step ahead of fashion means we are always carrying what our brides want.

  • We go with designers that we trust. Every supplier should be exemplary with deadlines, consistent products, and communication. We know that a wedding day can be the most important day of a persons life, and so we need to know everyone will bring their A-game.