Bridal Shower: Venue, Theme, and More

Bridal Shower planners, this ones for you. Whether you're the maid of honour, friend, or even the bride, we've got the hottest spots for a big bash.One of the biggest things to consider is the venue, so we've got to thinking of our favourite spots in Victoria that will guarantee a rocking good time. And we've also included a few DIY ideas that will take your party over the top. Are you ready to have a great time?

Modern mixer @ Parkside hotel

Wow your party with a soiree at The Parkside Hotel. Modern decor with colourful bouquets create a fresh feel. Make sure to stock the bar with the hottest liquor options and even create a signature cocktail to reflect the moment. Watermelon Tequila's anyone?

DIY Idea: Watermelon Tequila Lime Cocktails

Blend all ingredients together and split into four cups. Garnish with watermelon and Jalapeño's. Double or triple for more!

Recipe from

  • 3 1/2 cups watermelon pieces, frozen
  • 1/2"-thick jalapeño slice, with seeds
  • 6 ounces tequila blanco
  • 4 ounces simple syrup
  • 2 ounces fresh lime juice
  • 3 cups ice

Photos by Kim Kalyn Photography

dive in to the Shaw center for the salish sea

What better way to celebrate than under the lights of beautiful aquariums? Bring your own caterer and enjoy the sights with a glass of bubbly. Picture your closest friends all gathered around with some Bobby Darin serenading you... under the sea.

DIY Idea: Make message in a bottle favours

  • Fill glass bottles with blue and white candy (jelly beans, rock candy)
  • Write a personalized note that gets guests excited about the wedding
  • Top with a cork and ribbon!


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Have a paint party with 4cats

Don't be afraid to get a little messy with a fun and entertaining class at 4Cats Studios. Create amazing art while making memories to last a lifetime. This is a perfect opportunity to make any DIY projects your wedding needs. It's also a great bonding experience for your bridal party!

Photos from 4Cats

DIY Idea: Handmade watercolour invitations

  • Type up your information on MS Word
  • Print and cut to size (5x7, 4x6)
  • Utilize a cheap watercolour set to create custom patterns



Photo and tutorial at


traditional tea with butchard gardens

Something delicious this way comes. Enjoy gourmet food set in the stunning gardens. There is a wide selection of spaces that can be used, so whichever you choose can be a start to creating a theme. Wine and cheese can compliment the Italian Garden, while tea and scones can create a vintage vibe in the Blue Poppy restaurant.

DIY Idea: Confetti Balloon for the Bride's chair

  • Gather helium balloons, mod podge, and confetti
  • Apply glue on desired sparkly areas and press confetti on over a large bowl
  • Shake off excess, let dry, and string to the chair



Tutorial courtesy of


wine o'clock @ Church & state winery

This venue was actually recommended by one of our brides, and we are thrilled about it! Only 20 minutes from downtown, this winery offers events of all kinds close to home. Rustic but luxurious, Church and State can be the perfect backdrop to a spectacular shower.

DIY Idea: Wine bottle centerpiece/ Prize

  • Clean an empty wine bottle (or two) and take off the label
  • Tape off the section you want to paint and apply first coat
  • Repeat for other layers, alternating colours
  • Let dry and fill with a rose or babies breath
  • Before the shower, place a sticker underneath one of the chairs at your table. At the end of the party, award the marked chair bearer with the centerpiece as a prize! Mark as many chairs as there are bottles!

Visit Homedit for the full tutorial


As you can see, a great shower comes with a great venue. Once you've decided where you'll throw it, the decor, drinks, and theme will just fall into place. So check out our suggestions, try out a DIY, and if you have any other venues we should know about, tell us in the comments!