Dealing With Vendors

A vendor is anyone you hire to make your big day possible. These can include your florist, venue, caterer, etc. Once you've hired them, whats the best way to achieve wedding day bliss? Here's a few tips for dealing with vendors.

First things first, Read your contracts thoroughly

Before you sign on the dotted line, we recommend you read the contract stipulations thoroughly. This is the time to ask questions and iron out all the details. We also recommend taking a copy home for your records and for accessibility. To read more on contract, click here to learn more.


  • Write a shots list, which groups you want together and who to avid mixing.
  • Tell your photographer if you want mainly candid, artsy, or portraits. The best way to communicate that is to show them your ideal photos from a wedding set you love. Highlight what you like about each photo to give your photographer the right idea.
  • See if you can get an engagement shoot as part of the package. This will be a good time to also talk about style and what type of shots you like/ dislike.


  • Tell your DJ what type of music you want, including some must-plays and of course, the first dance.
  • Ask about Emceeing. Some DJ's are happy to follow a guideline for the night, and provide the transition between speeches. It's all a matter of what their preference is.

Makeup/ Hair

  • Be sure to do a trial beforehand with all of your hair accessories. These can include your veil, headpiece, or flower pin.
  • Work together to find your perfect look, and don't be afraid to be specific about what you want.
  • If they won't come to the venue with you, buy or ask for some extra clips and pins just in case.


  • Know what's in season, and be open to alternatives if the arrangements you want are too costly or too risky. Sometimes a specific flower can be shipped in, but their is no guarentee what the condition will be.
  • Be clear about your budget, you don't want to fall in love with a fifty dollar bouquet because you didn't specify

Everything else

  • You should definitely feed your main vendors who are their for you whole day, they will appreciate it. They've probably been bending over backwards to make sure your day goes off without a hitch, and well fed vendors are happy vendors.
  • Have prepared tip envelopes for your wedding team. As stated above, some vendors have it included in the package, so make sure you check. If you're still unsure of who to tip and how much, click here for the rundown.

  • Be prepared for the worst. Vendors are people, so if you communicate and treat eachother with respect, you can make great things happen. If not...

Breaking up with a vendor

Sometimes things just don't work out. While you shouldn't drop a vendor at the first sign of trouble, if they continuously miss their mark even after several warnings, consider dropping them. In some cases you can get your deposit back, depending on your contract terms. To learn more, click here.

loving a vendor

If everything went smoothly, and you loved your vendor, write a review. Most vendors are small business owners, and positive feedback is instrumental in their success. If you are one of our brides, you can review us on google by searching "Tres Chic Bridal Boutique" and click "Write a Review."  (We'd love you for it.)


-Xo Tres chic