Silhouette 101

The word silhouette is hard enough to spell, let alone understand! A silhouette is the shape of the dress, or how it fits on your body. In order to better assist or lovely brides, we've provided a run down for all the different styles.


Ah, the classic. A-line is one of the more popular types of dresses. It fit tighter in the bodice, then flows out (with a crinoline underskirt) into the shape of an "A" with the smallest part being at your waist. This dress is universally flattering on all shapes.


Sheath style dresses are what most boho, or classic brides want. It's shape flows straight down with no crinoline offering volume. These dresses are very light and so are perfect for outdoor weddings.


If you like drama, you'll love a trumpet. Curve hugging until mid-thigh, then a dramatic jut out is what classifies this bombshell shape. A trumpet is similar to a mermaid, the difference being the position of the skirt. Trumpet hits above the knee, while mermaid is below.


A fit and flare is similar to a trumpet, and some even classify them as the same. However, since there is usually some confusion between the two, we decided to define them seperately. A fit and flare is another classic look. Like the trumpet, it hugs the body then flares out. With a fit and flare, however, you'll see it's much more gradual.


Finally, one of the most thought of and iconic silhouettes, the ball gown. Ball gown and A-line are quite similar, with the ball gown having a thicker, more princess-y skirt. Several layers of tulle and crinoline cause the skirt to dramatically glide across the dance floor.

Which style makes you swoon? Let us know in the comments!