The Pros and Cons of a Pinterest Wedding

Pinterest is one of most popular online social networks where millions of users share photos, tutorials, and videos. It is the perfect place to get ideas for any project you could imagine. One of the most frequented categories for users is the wedding section. Now you might be a Pinterest pro and have every aspect of your wedding detailed in categorized boards, or your a newbie who just got confused at what a board was and why are we talking about it?

Pinterest is a wonderful tool for brides to manage their wedding, but there are some things to consider when using the site

We've seen the benefits and downfalls of this site first hand. And no, we aren't saying you shouldn't use it (because we are slightly addicted, too) we just want to share our pros and cons to be aware of on your wedding planning journey.

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+ pro: the amount of pins is off the charts

Since it is so popular, users have access to an incredibly large amount of information. Anything you could think of likely has thousands ofposts.

- Con: It can be overwhelming

I've definitely been there when the pins are too much. It's easy to spend hours pinning hundreds of ideas, only to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of what you've ❤️'d.

+ Pro: There are helpful DIY tutorials

One of the best features on Pinterest is the DIY posts. Step by step guides can be found for hair, makeup, decorations, you name it! If you're wanting to save money or add more personalized touches, you will definitely find what you're looking for.

- COn: It all looks so easy

Doing things yourself can take up a lot of time and effort. Before you know it, you can have dozens of little projects and no time to finish them. We suggest finding one or two easy projects you can do with your bridal party or family, and leave the time consuming, labourous projects to the professionals.

Above is a good example of what to DIY and what not to. On the left, a simple tutorial (Find it here) for adorable centerpieces that are quick and cheap to make. On the left, an extremely time consuming project that's much better to just rent (read here). Both were labeled as "Easy, DIY".

+ Pro: you can see Dresses from all over the world

Another excellent benefit to the widely used site is the ability to see dresses from all over the globe. Thousands of big designers have dresses up on the site, as well as smaller brands. What results is a huge variety of styles to look at.


- CON: pins usually never shows the price

Most of those beautiful, inspiring gowns you see on Pinterest tend to be tens of thousands of dollars.

For example: This Ines Di Santo Gown is one of the most pinned dresses according to Huffington Post. The price? Just over 10,000 CAD.

See how easy it is to fall in love with a dress that's the same price as a car! We recommend if you find a certain dress you love, try calling a store that carries it to see the price. After a while you will become more familiar with brands and which ones tend to stick within in your budget.




Photo Courtesy of The Knot.

+ PRO: You can have boards for every aspect of your wedding

It's now easier than ever to show vendors your inspiration, because it most likely is on Pinterest! Creating a board for every aspect of your wedding can give you clear idea to relay to your makeup artist, planner, etc. We are huge pinners, check us out by clicking here, or from one of the photos below!

- CONS: No wedding is as perfect as it seems

One of the biggest lessons to take away from Pinterest is that no wedding is perfect. Although it may seem like these big Pinterest bashes went off without a hitch, it's very likely there were a lot of behind the scenes work at play. It's important to expect some hurdles and have a backup plan. When you look back at it all, you'll only remember how special it was. Take each hiccup in stride knowing every bride has been through the same thing.


-XO, Tres Chic