Here's why you need to know Lis Simon

Lis Simon Bridal is one of our top selling brands we carry at Tres Chic. Being the only store on the island to have her creations, we feel very lucky! Designer Anna spend some time with us to answer a few questions we were dying to know.

1. Tell us something most people don't know about Lis Simon.

-  Most people don’t know that Lis Simon is a family business.  The business started with my husband and I seven years ago.  I guess a lot of people don’t picture spouses working together daily, but we have a great relationship that allows us to showcase our strengths.  

2. How do you begin the design process?

-  I do look at what trends I predict will be popular in the upcoming year.  At the same time,  my environment plays a huge factor to our design.  We try to imagine who the Lis Simon bride is,  and work around that.  

3. What mistake do you think most brides make?

-  I sometimes think brides make the mistake of getting a dress because someone else approves of it or likes it.  Brides should always remember that this is their day, their moment, their time.  They need to feel beautiful and confident in the dress they choose, and if that means leaving out certain people in the dress choosing process, then so be it.

4. Which celebrity would you want to see wear one of your dresses?

-  Can we list more than one?  We would love to dress someone like Diane Kruger, Marion Cotillard, and Alicia Vikander.  

5. What is the greatest experience or story you've had with a real bride?

-   We’ve had a bride who purchased our dress from our retailer in Atlanta, Georgia, but then spent her honeymoon in Banff, Alberta which is an hour away from Calgary (the city we’re in).  
We just felt like that was a full circle moment for us.  She was the most adorable bride ever.  

6. What was the most challenging dress to design?

-  Every dress has it’s challenges.  I think I would have to say our Gia dress was the most challenging and even though it was simple, the challenge was not knowing if people would like that high neckline.  That was more of the risk than the actual design process,  as we try to imagine what type of bride would wear that gown.  In the end, it was one of our best selling gowns of 2015 and to this day makes me realize that there’s risks to every dress.  

7. Which dress is your favourite (that you've designed)

-   Oh, I have a few but so far this year my favourite dress I’ve designed is our Izzy dress from our 2017 Collection!  It has an attached lace caplet to the bodice, so many boho feels are coming from that dress.  We’re excited to see how it resonates with our brides next year.

8. What message do you have to your Lis Simon brides?

-  Don’t sweat the small stuff!  Remember, your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life,  probably the biggest party you’ve ever planned.  Mistakes are bound to happen, but remember to laugh through it and that the main reason for this day is to celebrate the love between you and your partner.  No issue is big enough to disrupt that.  Enjoy every moment!

Intrigued by the interview? Then book an appointment to attend her Trunk Show! We will be showcasing all of her new collection, so brides get to experience an exclusive shopping experience from an incredible designer.