Wedding Hairstyles

Once you have said yes to your dress, the next tricky decision is...


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There is a surprising amount of things to consider when narrowing down how you want your hair styled on your wedding day, such as; your hair length, the neckline and/or straps on your dress, and what sort of bridal hair / head accessories you will be wearing. 

To try and help you narrow it down, we have gathered options below.  For every length, there is a style with a veil, some sort of other hair / head accessory, and lastly a style with no hair / head accessory.


Who says you need hair to look glam?! Whether it's due to personal choice or illness, there are still so many options for your wedding day if you do not have hair.  You can go over top glam with a cathedral length veil and tiara, or keep it simple with a delicate flower crown, or even nothing!  Accessorizing is key, even with no head accessories you can still rock some killer earrings and leave it at that.


One concern I hear from many brides, is that if they have short hair they won't be able to do anything special with it.  Think again ladies!  The photo on the right is a perfect example of what you can do with shorter hair.  Soft curls and mini up dos have been the key trends for brides with short hair for 2017 weddings.


Mid length styling options can be really fun, because there are many options for updos, half up half down, or all the way down.  One of the key trends I have noticed for my mid length brides, is that half up half down is the most popular, especially when there are some braids.  Adding tiny braids into any style can be really pretty, and help achieve that boho bride look.


Now for my long haired brides, you ladies can do just about anything!  From extravagant up dos, to goddess inspired braids, the options really are endless which can make deciding difficult.  Keep in mind your dress: do you want to show off the neckline of your dress? How about the back?  Also if you are having a summer wedding, and have long and thick hair, would it help keep you cooler if your hair was up?  It is important to think about all of these factors before deciding on a style.


When it comes down to deciding, remember to pick the style that makes you feel the most beautiful, and most comfortable.  Whatever your hair length or accessories are, it doesn't matter so much as how you feel on your wedding day.

XO, Tres Chic

All photos are via Pinterest