2018 Trends & fall favourites

As many people know New York Fashion Week has recently come and gone, some of the trends were wonderful (Millennial Pink and Asymmetric Neck Lines are to die for) however some were a little dated and many wished them not to come back (Fanny Packs and Shoulder Pads no thanks!) but this blog is not about streetwear! It's about bridal gowns, did you know that New York Bridal Week happened recently as well?  This year it was hard to decide which trends were our favourites, but we managed to narrow it down. Scroll down to read all about the Trés Chic Bridal favourites!

Owner of Trés Chic Bridal Boutique, Joan stuck to her unique and bold sense of style by choosing Big Bows and Detached Sleeves! Trust Joan on these trends, she's the most stylish person we know!

Bridal Consultant Chloe has an eye for all that is elegant. Her choices seemed pretty clear, fitted long sleeves and bustier tops! The great part about these styles is that they can be dressed both up and down. Elegant and fierce. Soft or bold! She really knows what's going on!

Bridal Consultant Georgia  loves puppies, pink and all things sparkly, it's safe to say her  tastes are nothing but sweet. Georgia's favourite trends are Shades of Pink and Princess Capes. Does it get any cuter than that?

Lis Simon

Staff Picks


Bridal Store Victoria, B.C

Joan's Favourite

This beautiful little number in an oyster grey is owner Joan's first pick. Jude is the name!

If you like something a little more fierce Joan's other picks are: Juno and Jodene

Bridal Store Victoria, B.C

Chloe's Favourite

Chloe chose this graceful dress with a plunging neck line. Her name is June!

If you like all things elegant Chloe's other picks are: James and Judith

Bridal Store Victoria, B.C

Georgia's Favourite

Georgia stuck to her cutesy roots and selected the charming Justina!

If you have a flare for anything adorable Georgia's other picks are: Jessica and Joss

Check out the full collection on the Lis Simon Blog

 L'amour favourites

             Last but certainly not least we are introducing our new line  L'amour by Calla Blanche. 

Joan's top picks are these striking numbers, perfect for the bride who wants something a little different.

Georgia can't get enough of the darling ballgown styled dresses in this line. Her picks are a enchanting twist on traditional!

Chloe's favourites out of the new collection are these beautiful slim fitting gowns. All following her sophisticated tastes. These are perfect for any fall wedding.


Bridal Store, Victoria B.C