Destination Weddings: Pros and Cons

Destination weddings used to be a far away dream, but with the cost of travel dropping, these weddings are much more attainable for the modern bride. A wedding far away is a like a dream come true but with every dream comes difficulties along the way. We are here to share with you both the pros and the cons of destination weddings

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Pro: They can cost less

According to Young and, destination weddings will cost you an average of $17 000, compared to $25 000 for at home weddings. Why is it cheaper? There are a number of reason. In some cases, resorts offer entire wedding packages, which can work out to be cheaper than hiring vendors individually. Couples also save on honeymoon costs, as the travel part is already taken care of. Finally, most destination weddings have less people, ergo, cheaper overall cost.

Con: Your guests are expected to pay their own way

It is the expectation for guests to book their own travel package to make it to your wedding.  While some couples choose to assist guests with expenses, it can quickly cause the budget to grow. A good compromise is planning well in advance to allow your guests to save, budget, and rack up travel rewards points in preparation for your big day.

Pro: Your celebrations can extend through the duration of your trip

Having a trip planned totally based on your nuptials is a fabulous way to ring in your newly married life. It goes without saying that having more time to celebrate will allow you to make wonderful memories with your friends and family. A more traditional wedding would typically only last one day, so having extra time takes a little pressure off of you and the guests.


Con: There may be more legal red tape

Depending on where you go, there is different legal requirements. Countries like Brazil and Cuba have visa requirements. In Mexico "you have to get a blood test and provide a lot of paperwork including original birth certificates that have to be translated into Spanish by a certified translator" according to Ensure you have plenty of time to research and gather the required legal documents before your big day.

Pro: You can use your destination as a theme

How adorable would beach themed favours be, or tropical inspired invitations? You can draw from the scenery as inspiration for a number of wedding details. 



Con: Some wedding packages might not be to your preference

The money saving option of booking a wedding package means things might not be totally personalized to your style. Since you likely will be booking without a personal consultation, you can't predict the temperament of the photographer, or how exactly the food will taste. If you are a perfectionist, then visiting the resort prior to your wedding, or flying in a specific vendor might ease your worries.


Each couple has a lot to think about when planning a wedding, and the choice on where you have it is one of the most important ones. Whether you tie the knot in your backyard in Parksville or on the sandy beaches of Cuba, we wish you the best of luck and love. 

-XO Tres Chic Bridal