Engagement Stories That Will Make Your Heart Melt

Here at Tres Chic Bridal Boutique, it's our job to be obsessed with weddings. And of course, love. We giggle with delight at all the wonderful stories our brides share about their spouse-to-be's unique proposal. We thought we would share some beautiful stories, courtesy of HowHeAsked.com


sky high love

On Valentine’s Day, I wanted to surprise him so I gave him a card saying that the two of us were going skydiving. We spent the hour drive out talking and belting out our favorite songs. After watching the safety video etc. we got all suited up and then each of our videographers pulled us aside to interview us. I told mine we were there because I gave it to him and at the same time he told his why we were really there, a proposal. Zac jumped out of the plane before me, we free fell for almost a minute and then began sliding down toward the ground, where Zac was waiting for me. When I was still a telephone pole above the landing area I saw him looking up at me with a huge smile on his face, a ring in one hand and roses in the other.

The power of love (And Celine)

My boyfriend told me he wanted to take me to see my favorite performer, Celine Dion, at Caesars Palace and I was so exited! I have always loved her so I knew this was going to be a special night. Once we got to the show, they separated us into a special line and had us wait. I kept asking “why are they making us wait longer than the other people?” Nick told me to be patient so, reluctantly, I waited. Then they walked up to our line and announced “meet and greets are this way” and I was beaming with excitement! I was so excited that he had planned this surprise. They took us back and told us we only had 30 seconds with her when we meet her. I was freaking out saying “omg what are you going to say?! 30 seconds is so short what should we say?!” Then, when it was finally our turn to meet her (he had set it up so that we were the last ones to meet her), we walked up to pose for a picture with her and the next thing I know, Nick was down on one knee and Celine was just as shocked as I was!!

picture perfect

Three weeks prior to the proposal, my make-up artist, Porsche, contacted me and asked if I would do a photo shoot for her in Centennial Olympic Park.  I told my then girlfriend Shanae about the shoot and she suggested we go on a lunch date before the photo shoot since my make-up would be done. After our date we walked over to the park where my photo shoot was going to be held. As we were walking I started hearing music, John Legend “All of Me” to be exact. My first thought was, “OMG, when did Centennial start playing music in the park? and that’s our favorite song!” Then I saw our son, Kingston walking and I figured he was there playing with our niece and Shanae’s sister. Never did I question why music was playing or why our son was at the park. It never was a thought that “something” was about to happen. Shanae started crying and then I started crying. She dropped to one knee and said “I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life and I love you so much.” Between tears and mumbled words she asked me to be marry her and I said yes!

Puppy proposal

We had been planning on going to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point for about a week. But on that day it started snowing out of nowhere. We decided to brave the snow and go anyways. We had the garden all to ourselves and the gorgeous white kissed tulips were breathtaking. When we walked out the doors I saw a little dog carrier with a sign that said “FREE PUPPY.” I love puppies. I was so sad for the poor fluffball, it was freezing!

I opened it up and cuddled it for a little bit before realizing that there was a small envelope tied to it’s collar. I opened the envelope and inside was a note that said “TURN AROUND.” I turned around and there were those bright blue eyes, looking up at me from down on one knee.

He said the sweetest things and asked me if I would marry him. Of course I said yes and hugged him as tight as possible while still holding the pup. That’s when I saw my best friends and his best friend pop out of the bushes, they had been there taking pictures the whole time! Happiest I’ve ever been.


-XO Tres Chic