How to get the most out of wedding dress shopping

Here at Trés Chic Bridal we know wedding dress shopping is equal parts exciting as it is overwhelming, so we decided that to kick of wedding dress season we would put together a little blog post to help you navigate this journey! In this blog you will learn the in's and out's of dress shopping so you can make the most of your bridal appointment.    


Back to Basics 


When should you order your dress? 
We recommend 6 - 8 months in advance.  I know it seems early but this allows around 4 months for the dress to come in, and gives you ample time to get it altered and find accessories before the big day.  This also will save you money on rush order fee's which could have been used for wedding accessories

Whats a realistic budget? 
There are dresses out there for almost any budget! However, be aware of sneaky costs that add up like alternations, veils, accessories, hair and make-up as well as any extra's such as crinolines and special undergarments.

Let us give you a hand! 
Take advantage of the consultants expertise! No questions are off limits - we would rather you ask when you are looking than when it's ordered! By finding out as much as you can you can save your self a lot of time, money and hassle.  We often can give you insight into added costs, for example what alternations will be needed, or past experiences with certain fabrics and designers. 

How do I make the most of my appointment? 
While we have an hour and thirty minutes for the appointment it will surely fly by! We recommend having a few looks or styles in mind that have been appealing to you.  It is also helpful to know when the wedding is so we can take the weather into account.  Brides usually bring between 2-5 people with them to try on dresses.  Bring people who love you and want to help you realize your bridal vision and will keep the focus on you - because, well it's a pretty special moment for you! 




Consultants love to answer your questions! We know the experience can be overwhelming so ask away - and remember no question is a silly question.

Are alternations included in the price of the dress? 

For most stores no, any alternations needed will be an extra cost.  During the appointment we usually give you an approximate price for things like taking in, letting out, hemming and adding straps and a bustle. 

How many dresses till I find 'the one' 

We don't have an exact number for this one, it can be the first dress you tried on or it could be the 20th! However you will probably get butterflies when you try it on and not want to take it off (that's always a good sign).  Many brides expect to have this moment of jumping for joy or some major water works, however, sometimes it's the quiet moments where the bride simply cannot take their eyes off themselves and they feel beautiful. 

What if there are no dresses in my size? 

We carry dresses from a size 6 to a 26 in store for you to try on! We want every bride to feel beautiful in the skin they are in.  For the purpose of trying things on don't be concerned with the size we can clip and panel so you get an idea of how it would look once ordered in your size. 

   Tips and tricks 

Some helpful little tidbits bits we've learned along the way 

Wear normal under garments! We recommend not wearing shape wear or push up bra's as you will probably go to more than one store and take photo's of the gown on different days.  By wearing your regular under garments the dresses will lay on the body naturally and you can make a decision from there. However, once you have picked the gown you can wear whatever makes you feel amazing on the big day. 

We love when people have a vision for there wedding but remember to also be a little flexible when trying on different dresses.  We of course want to find a dress that suits the theme or feel of your wedding! However, you may end up falling in love with a dress you never thought you would have! Not all A-lines, ballgowns and fit and flares are the same - you may end up picking a gown you might not have initially pictured yourself in. 

Well there you have it ladies! (and gentlemen) We hope these tips, tricks and insights can aid you in finding the dress of your dreams. The most important thing to remember is to enjoy every moment of this wedding process and to celebrate this exciting new chapter in your life, and we know you will make a beautiful bride.